When it comes to propaganda, nobody is more convincing than the USA. The current anti-Iranian rhetoric being spewed out of Washington is, at times, sickening. I am not in any way trying to defend Iran, I have no love for the nation, however when it comes to deceiving its people, all nations need to be called out on this, USA especially.

Recently the US administration attacked Iran over an alleged plot to kill a Saudi Ambassador. The plot was convoluted and obviously setup by amateurs, yet the Obama administration insisted, and still insists, that the plot was the brainchild of the Iranian government. Very little evidence was ever produced to justify these claims, however the American people weren’t informed of this a great deal by the Mainstream media. 

Over the subsequent weeks, international criticism arose about these claims, and virtually all independant news sources agree that the released evidence in no way suggests an Iranian Government connection. All mainstream media outlets loyal to the US administration glossed over this fact, but none the less the fact remains. To this day, with no additional evidence coming forward, the US administration still insists that this was an Iranian plot. Luckily, the Saudi government have toned down their rhetoric.

It seems that Iran has had enough of these lies. The current administration led by Ahmadinejad have repeatedly claimed that these false accusations were conspired to help cement the anti-Iranian fever that is gripping America. At this point, Iran has had enough.

According to Iran’s state run Press TV:


In a recent letter to the US government, Iran has insisted that American authorities must publicly apologise to the Iranian government and its citizens for the false accusations they publicised against Tehran in violation of international norms and regulations.Source: www.guardian.co.uk


While very few people truly know what really went on, from day one it was reasonably obvious that the assassination plot had nothing to do with Iran’s government. Even if they wanted to kill the man, the act of doing so would do substantially more harm than good. It is hard to believe that anyone in power would ever allow for such an act to take place.

Considering the US administration have yet to acknowledge that it is possible that Iran had nothing to do with the assassination attempt, it is unlikely that any apology is forthcoming. However, if enough noise is made, maybe at least a few Americans will learn the truth.