[Update: Check below for The Real Story by Jean Sasson]

British surrogate mother Louise Pollard, 24 from Bristol (UK), lost Osama Bin Laden’s twin grandchildren in miscarriage after attack she was attacked by two men in Syria (or in UK according to Jean Sasson) as she walked alone from a cafe to her accommodation late at night.  Her attackers didn’t speak, just punched her to the ground, and then ran away, leaving her with a black eye and bruising on her arms and legs.

Osama Bin Laden’s son Omar Bin Laden, 29,  and wife Zania (earlier known as Jane Felix-Browne), 54,  had approached Louise Pollard, a former pole dancer, to become surrogate mother for their child for 10,000 pounds as Zania, in her fifties, was too old to carry one herself. Omar and Zania are now separated due to voices in his head.

Seems like the attacks are pre-meditated as she is well known as ‘Western woman carrying Bin Laden children’.

Yesterday Omar Bin Laden said there was no chance of a reconciliation with his wife. Asked for his reaction to Miss Pollard’s miscarriage, he said he accepted it as ‘destiny’. Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Sorry for the loss, but seems like no one wanted to pursue the babies? Foul play?