Katie Callaway Hall who is rape and kidnapping victim of 58-year-old Phillip Garrido spoke about her experience at an interview with CBS. Phillip Garrido was arrested earlier for kidnapping and repeatedly raping Jaycee Lee Dugard.

Katherine Callaway Hall

Katie was 25 years old when she was  abducted and raped by him in 1976.


On “The Early Show” Wednesday, Hall said she was “shocked” when she learned what police say Dugard went through.

“I was stunned,” Hall told co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez. “I started shaking. … I had some sense of relief, because he had finally been caught and he was going to be put away. But at the same time, I had overwhelming feelings of the fact that my fears (that he might strike again) had always been justified.”

As details emerged of Dugard’s ordeal, “I was horrified,” Hall says. “I couldn’t believe he went after a child. I could and I couldn’t, because he went after an easier prey, but I thought it was horrible, absolutely horrible.”

Hall’s ordeal began when she gave Garrido a ride in her car. He overpowered her, took her to a warehouse, and raped her for eight hours before a police officer happened by.

“Survival instincts kicked in,” Hall says. “I just had to be alert every second, every moment, I had to be aware of his frame of mind. I had to just figure out how to stay alive, how to connect with him on some kind of human level and make myself, you know, real to him, and not let him go off into a fantasy world.” Source: www.cbsnews.com

This man is definitely very disturbed and needs to be away from society for a long long time!