The President’s release of his birth certificate awhile back may have been thought of as more than enough for most people, who had grown weary of all the Klanbagger crying about “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” The vast majority of us have long understood that the only platform the Klanbaggers ever had was racism, even if our mainstream media worked overtime in trying to convince us otherwise.

When you only have one platform plank, of course, you really aren’t going to find it easy to operate if someone debunks your theory. The dedication of the Klanbaggers to the notion that one of THOSE people could not possibly legitimately occupy the WHITE House is in their DNA, and they aren’t about to let go of it.

Thankfully, these knuckle-dragging cousin fuckers have a champion in out-and-proud Nazi Gruppenführer Joe Arpaio of Arizona, who is keeping the cross lit for the hordes of dumbasses who can’t get past the President’s race in order to have a meaningful discussion on what is wrong with this country.

It’s enough to turn a thinking man into a drinking man.

The Tea Party’s very own Sheriff Joe Arpaio — famous for his pink panty fetish and for leading a department full of human traffickers — on Wednesday night met with “more than 325 people” (!) who fear that Barack Obama will try to run on 2012 ballots in Arizona’s Maricopa County using a fake birth certificate. Oh yes. The Surprise Tea Party Patriots™ handed Sheriff Joe a petition with 242 signatures. Joe said he’ll “probe” the issue (with tax payer’s money), and keep Maricopa County free of forged document-wielding illegal aliens.

It’s a good thing Gruppenführer Arpaio has this issue to probe. Otherwise he might have to answer for the stunningly corrupt dictatorship that he’s in charge of down in Arizona. But as long as we gots one of them damn darkies in the WHITE House, the Gruppenführer will be able to distract his inbred constituents by playing to their rotten, racist cores.

While he goes on stealing every dime he can get his Nazi hands on.