A little background information …

Since most Ukrainians aren’t very wealthy, they are dependant on the government for their hot water. This isn’t always the case, many people have hot water heaters in their homes, but the majority of city dwellers do not. Students, which is what comprises the majority of FEMEN activists, especially do not.

As summer rolls around, Ukraine tries to save money by not heating water. This may seem logical, but when trying to bathe, even in the summer, it is difficult to do in cold water … especially over long periods of time. The side effect, if you haven’t guessed already, is that a lot of Ukrainians stink all summer long, trying to avoid the cold shower.

For the third year in a row, FEMEN have taken their protest to the fountains of Independence Square … stripping down, and putting on a great show. While most of their protests use nudity for attention, the overly erotic fashion of this specific protest makes me wish I was back in Ukraine. Just look at the smiles on the photographers faces as they peer in …. 

While most westerners are probably thinking, “Why don’t they just buy a hot water heater like the rest of the civilized world?”, I would like to reiterate … most Ukrainians are poor. A hot water heater costs at least $100, not to mention the cost for cutting into pipes and installing it, which the majority of Ukrainians simply can not afford. While the city also charges for hot water, it is still substantially cheaper, and doesn’t require any crazy up front investment. 

It is extremely unfair to cut off the poor from hot water during the summer. These people have enough problems. 

And now for the pictures … 

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