Obama’s speech on climate change was pretentious, even for him, but its main feature – detachment from reality, writes The Wall Street Journal. While 12 million Americans are out of work and  their incomes are reduced, the country’s president talks about new taxes on energy and the sanctions that will lead to job losses, further reduction of income and economic growth.

In Obama’s plan provides everything from new energy efficiency standards for household appliances to new subsidies for wind power plants, but these changes will inevitably hit the U.S. electric power industry, the article says. The fact that a third of greenhouse gas emissions accounted for the Electric Plants, many of whom work on coal and get the highest greenhouse gas emission. 

Back in 2008, coal was used to produce 50% of electricity by 2012, thanks to low-cost natural gas, had dropped to 37%, but now it’s going to bring to 0%.  “For political reasons, the White House does not dare to speak out about a war declared coal – said Obama’s science adviser Daniel Shreg. – On the other hand, the war on coal – this is exactly what you need.”In fact, Obama has set his sights on all types of hydrocarbons, confident in the newspaper. On its turn is a natural gas. The head of the White House has not explained how his ambitious plan will stop global warming, noted in the editorial. 

According to the newspaper, most of all in this story is evident contempt Obama holds to democratic procedures. Even when the Democrats had a majority in the Senate, Congress consistently rejected the president proposed a detailed “anti-coal” plan. Now the president is going to impose their political will through countless bureaucratic institutions, with minimal or no discussion of the discussion. 

Obama is at least able to declare war on coal before the elections and give the voters a chance to speak, according to the editorial. Now re-elected to a second term leader thinks he can do whatever he wants.  And to comfort the American victims of his deeds, there are unemployment benefits, food stamps, and ObamaCare.


 Source: The Wall Street Journal