Let’s hope that there is not going to be a new “cold war”, because this time the West will lose, writes columnist for The New York Post , Michael Goodwin. The author explains, looking at the photo of Obama and Putin at the summit of G8, he thought it was a boxing match put to Putin. 

According to Goodwin, Putin knows what are the national interests of his country and is willing to defend those interests, while Obama lives in the country of illusion, “the mess the world is growing with each passing day, and Obama did not seem to notice it and do not worry” . 

The author alarmed by the theme that Obama has chosen in a recent speech in Berlin. The proposal to cut nuclear arsenals by one-third for the U.S. and Russia – so deceitful that smacks of unfair publicity stunt “bait and switch,” says Goodwin. Obama could not be unaware that Putin will say “nyet”, it is the worst possible moment for the cuts – “threat of chemical weapons in Syria growing, and a new nuclear power ready to pop out.” 

Obama seemed to be trying to divert attention from the ongoing threats. Had he dropped his hands and no longer tries to cope with the chaos? – Asks the author. He suspects something more dangerous: Obama, they say, just do not realize how bad things are. 

Obama does not appreciate the unique status of America in the world and believes: the case of the planet will fare better if the United States would limit its role. 

However, the vacuum is filled with “Iran and its agents in the Middle East, a variety of Islamists in North Africa and the tyrants and sociopaths – everywhere,” the article says. Obama “is so passionate about the contemplation of his navel, he did not even notice that the world does not embody his vision.” 

But the villains are noticing that. “For example, Putin saw through Obama. Like the Iranians, the North Koreans and even the Taliban,” – says the article. 

For his part, Obama has urged the world to immediately deal with climate change. “Putin has certainly smiled. After all, America is losing another element of its economic future, Putin does not need to make any shots,” – says the author.