If al Qaeda fighters want to murder Hezbollah fighters and Hezbollah fighters want to return the favor, who in their right mind would want to stand in the way? . . . If one branch of Islam wants to be at war with another branch for a few years — or decades, or for over a thousand years — so much the better for the non-Islamic world. Mass civilian casualties in Aleppo or Homs are their tragedy, not ours. It does not implicate us morally. And it probably benefits us strategically, not least by redirecting jihadist energies away from the West.

An ancient Hebrew proverb goes like this :  “At the fall of your enemy you shall not rejoice”

What to say when both the Shiites and the Sunnis are my enemies and they are killing each other?  Shall I rejoice? Especially when I am not the one doing the killing?  Someone told me that these two sects hate each other more than they hate the Jews. So what to make of it for the Westerner who cannot comprehend this animosity? Sadly, this will carry on ad vita eternal and there is nothing to say or to do to prevent such behavior.

Islam may be an interesting religion but it is so complex to understand and appreciate. Yet it lives amongst us and we have to live with it. What I must sadly say is that we are willing to live with it but does it have the will to live with us?