Foreskin Man, the anti-circumcision comic hero created by San Diego activist Matthew Hess, is being called anti-semitic and is being compared to 1930’s Nazi propaganda. The superhero fights against who fights against doctors who practice circumcision and Orthodox Jews who support the religious ritual.


In the comic’s second issue, the mohel (a specialist in Jewish ritual circumcision) barges into a San Diego home, snatches a baby boy from his mother, and proceeds to circumcise the infant on a pool table before being stopped by Foreskin Man.

“The (Monster) mohel has a dark complexion, hook nose and is practically drooling at the thought of apparently doing harm to a child,” said Nancy Appel, associate director of the Anti-Defamation League. “He even has claws on his fingertips. He is blood thirsty just like the grotesque Jewish stereotypes that appeared in Nazi propaganda. It’s absolutely a direct parallel.”



Hess is the founder of MGMbill (MGM stands for Male Genital Mutilation), a national organization pushing to outlaw circumcision on boys under the age of 18.


The organization succeeded in getting the measure on San Francisco’s ballot that would make it a misdemeanor to circumcise males younger than 18 without “medical need.” Hess had hoped to get a similar measure on Santa Monica’s ballot but the campaign’s leader dropped those plans because of the backlash.

Hess said he launched his campaign in 2003 but had been getting a “lot of glazed eyes” until he created Foreskin Man. He unveiled the comic last year at San Diego’s annual Comics Convention, Comic-Con. The first issue, in which Foreskin Man confronts Dr. Mutilator, was viewed as kind of “weird,” he said, but the second issue has sent Internet traffic soaring.



Male circumcision has become part of a heated debate as its benefits aer being questioned. Actor Russell Crowe recently lashed out on Twitter against circumcision, but later apologized.

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