Chimpy couldn’t get the job done, but it seems like his near-twin successor intends to finish the job.

This clown talks out of both sides of his mouth entirely too much. He wails about tax policy being way too out of whack, and blames the Rushpubliscums for wanting to destroy Social Security and Medicare. However, it isn’t the Rushpubliscums who are going to kill Social Security. It will be Bushack, and he’s going to do it in the Norquist-prescribed manner. By starving it.

This is wrong, wrong, fucking wrong, and I feel less inclined to vote for this ass every day. WHERE are the fucking Democrats when it is Obama who is trying to kill Social Security?


President Barack Obama is open to extending the one-year cut in the payroll tax past its scheduled expiration on Dec. 31, the White House said Tuesday.

“He believes that the employee side payroll tax cut has been an important factor in maintaining economic growth and producing the jobs creation, and that we should certainly look at whether or not that should be extended. That’s an idea,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said.

Obama and the Congress last December cut the employee share of the payroll tax from 6.2 percent to 4.2 percent for one year. It was meant to increase takehome pay, boostr spending and help the economy.

With unemployment stuck at 9.1 percent, Obama also is open to suggestions of cutting the employer share of the tax, Carney said.

“Others have talked about expanding it to include employer side, and again that’s an idea that’s…had bipartisan support in the past; it’s certainly worth looking at,” Carney added.

HOW MANY DAMNED TIMES is this President going to serve the Rushpubliscum agenda? At a time when Social Security is ALREADY struggling due to the fact that Bushack won’t get away from the insane tax policies of his predecessor, he’s going to keep cutting Social Security revenues?

There needs to be some outrage. Bushack is as steadfast in his giveaways to the rich as Chimpy ever was. Instead of starving the Social Security trust fund, why isn’t Bushack insisting that the rich pay MORE into it? I do understand how hard that tax is on low earners-I’ve been there myself. But Social Security is the best damned tax in the system, when you consider what it has done for millions of Americans.
No way will I vote for this guy in 2012 unless he drinks a Jekyll/Hyde potion and turns into a Democrat. I know that he has to know enough history to realize that tax cutting does NOT create economic growth. The people who are going to get this “cut” would have been much better served by leaving Social Security the fuck ALONE.

If I’d wanted this as policy, I’d have voted for someone who advocated it. I am incensed that this guy is doing the things that he’s doing, yet STILL can do no wrong in the eyes of his worshipers. When you’ve got Bushack Obama handing tax breaks to billionaire trust-funder babies while he systematically destroys Social Security, how is a Rushpubliscum going to be much worse?