The ladies of FEMEN have set their sights on Saudi Arabia, and their sexist laws banning women from driving. Worse, Saudi Arabian official expect husbands to beat wives who disobey this rule. Its hard to imagine why FEMEN would be opposed to such a law, but here we are.

The ladies, likely weary of possible police involvement, made their protest quickly. They stealthily approached the embassy via car caravan, as can be seen from the pictures. Everything seems to have been very well planned, and very well executed, because as quickly as they came, they simply disappeared. They had more than enough time to get some great photos, and there is even a video for those that don’t mind a Ukrainian dialect in the background.

The ladies arrived wearing only a hijab and their underwear. While many of their signs were in English, a few of the Ukrainian signs state Women Rule and Women in Cars, Men on Camels. On one of the activists ass there is a slogan stating Give Us the Road.

I can picture the Saudi diplomats now, cock in one hand and a camera in the other. As pious as these idiots play, we all know that that they drink, smoke and fuck. It is unfortunate when a government plays to be pious when the deceit is so obviously fake.

Inequality between men and women are still evident throughout the world, but the greatest divide is within the Muslim states. While we need Oil in order to fuel our cars, it seems that we shouldn’t encourage these states as much as we do. 

Here are some of the photos of FEMEN’s latest protest against Saudi Arabia’s sexual discrimination. All photos are taken from FEMEN’s livejournal page

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