After posting FEMEN’s protest against the Saudi driving ban for women, I started to find many mentions of this in the news. It seems that numerous women of Saudi Arabia are planning a protest of their own tomorrow, June 17th, by … Allah Forbid … driving! Yes, you heard me, there will be women on the road in Saudi Arabia this Friday, so do everything in your power to stay off the road. 

I predict Saudi Arabia will be plagued with earthquakes and volcanoes this Friday as Allah, and his prophet Mohamed, smite the country for their lack of faith. Mohamed is rumored to have already setup roadside bombs where the women plan to drive, and has suicide bombers dispatched across the country in case this becomes a national calamity.

It is hard to take a faith that openly accepts sexual discrimination seriously. While I understand that there are over half a billion female Muslim followers, many who openly accept wearing burqas and the like, the fact that they accept this faith further cements my atheistic idealism. This seems to be the pinnacle of brainwashing, not only condemning a woman but convincing her that she deserves to be condemned because of the fact that she is a woman. What lunacy!

Well, thankfully I don’t live in Saudi Arabia, and more thankfully I was not born in a Muslim country. I hope that these women don’t get caned too badly on Saturday, although I expect the religion of peace will not show any leniency to such a horrendous crime.