Video:Residents in Syrian town of Jisr al-Shughour ‘fear assault’

Syria town braces for army attack: The northern Syrian town of Jisr al-Shughour braces for an army assault after the government says 120 security forces personnel were killed. 

Not just that one town but every town, all citizens the want Democracy are in serious trouble. They better give up their quest or get prepared for the epic fight of their life. Iran’s IRG ( Iranian Revolutionary Guard) is leading the fight to squash protesters and their desire for freedom. They are not going to allow it to happen period!

Supposedly 40 civilians were also killed and the civilians have asked the Government to step in and put an end to the protests. You can be sure the IRG and the Syrian Government set this up so they could come in with an iron fist and stop the protesters without mercy. They better be prepared! Some residents have set up checkpoints to monitor the so called security forces and the remaining have fled.

The Government said 120 officers were killed many shot in the back by mutinous citizens and 40 law abiding citizens were killed the same way. However this is Syria and the IRG adept at murdering their fellow citizens and you can believe the protesters when they say they are peaceful protests and the Government and IRG killed their own in order to justify putting a violent end to a peaceful justified protest.

Okay the civilians better be worried about a massacre coming up.Syrian soldiers behind deaths in north

I would not be naive enough to think they were mutinous soldiers going over to the protesters side to help them. What I just got through saying I am sure is the case. You can bet they sacrificed some of their own in order to satisfy the larger goal of stopping the protesters and violently. More coming you can bank on it.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma