The babes of FEMEN have taken on a new cause today, protesting the unending corruption plaguing journalism. While the girls are primarily attacking Ukraine’s sellout journalists, they openly acknowledge this problem goes well beyond Ukraine and the former Soviet states. 

Of course, FEMEN in no way implies that all journalists are corrupt and make a point to praise those journalists that seek out the truth in order to help the people understand what is going on. Furthermore, they ask the sellouts to take a good look at the real journalists, maybe learning a thing or two what journalism is supposed to be about.

Anna Gutsol, FEMEN’s leader, takes it one step further. Anna calls out the media industry directly, and doesn’t pull any punches. I did my best to translate what she stated, but had to change the wording around a bit in order to make a more Americanized paragraph (I hope FEMEN doesn’t mind the edit).

Editors with money in hand, whether Ukrainian or foreign, should not merely recite prefabricated news in order to shape public opinion. The main threat to freedom of speech in Ukraine is not explicit political censorship, but a trivial “ordered press report” which omits the truth in favor of that which is desirable.

I would like to add that American media aren’t too different from Ukrainian when it comes to being bought. Of course, CNN and FOX don’t take money directly from politicians, and they aren’t as blatantly obvious about their corruption as Ukrainians, but their devotion to sing America’s political agenda is unmatched. Noam Chomsky said it best:

Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the [U.S.] media.

Enough preaching … here are the pictures of the Protest.