It is fascinating that Mama Grifter could poll high in any contest save a “greatest flim-flam artist” poll, but she does. It is even more fascinating that she is running neck and neck with a man who, though far from my cup of tea (pardon pun,) is actually a reasonably intelligent man. It is almost sickening that he has had to basically make himself look nearly as stupid as Mama Grifter is to get his poll numbers up. But that’s what you must do in the upside-down world of Rushpubliscum primaries, where 3 toed inbreds and Bible (t)humpers control the process. If you sound the least bit intelligent, they resent you and you are DONE.

I understand Michele is throwing her hat in, so this polling will only get weirder.

Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin continued their run at the top of GOP primary field nationally, according to a new PPP poll of registered voters released Thursday. But now that some other big-name Republicans have taken themselves out of the contest, a few candidates with lower profiles have suddenly — and significantly — closed the gap between themselves and the frontrunners.

In the poll, Palin and Romney tied for the lead at 16%. However, Tim Pawlenty (13%) and Herman Cain (12%) both polled within the survey’s 4.1% margin of error.

That’s a big change from just three weeks ago, when PPP’s national poll showed Pawlenty running at just 5%. That poll didn’t even include Herman Cain, who has also suddenly burst onto the scene now that the paired down field has afforded him some breathing room.

The big shakeups were caused by the departures of Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee in mid-May. In the previous PPP poll, Huckabee led all comers at 19%, while Trump took 8%.

Huck may have survived and won, had he decided to run. But he decided not to, so it’s academic to discuss it. The Dullard never had a chance, even though he, too, tried hard to remake himself into a complete moron. Herman Cain is a big wildcard; he’s certainly stupid enough for the knuckle-draggers, but he’s also a few shades too dark for most of them.

In the meantime, Mama Grifter’s Traveling Flim-Flam Show will undoubtedly rake in BIG dollars, and she’ll never even have to announce.

I’m not sure how we ever get anywhere, with the lunatics of the Rushpubliscum Party on one side of the aisle, and a bunch of reformed Rushpubliscums calling themselves “Democrats” on the other. There is no incentive for Rushpubliscums to change because their voters are all morons, and there’s no incentive for the dems to change because…. the Rushpubliscums are all morons. Were I still a drinking man, I’d surely have had complete liver failure by now.