There is so very, very little to be surprised about here.

Mandel, as we all know, is an idiot. A good natured idiot. Almost a likable idiot. But an idiot, to be sure. A guy who is unqualified for just about any position that requires a little bit of intellectual prowess.

That wouldn’t matter to the Klanservative Klanbagging Kochsuckers of Ohio, who have a collective IQ that falls somewhere between that of a mole and a tree stump. I’m quite certain that they will all agree with Josho’s latest pronouncements on the uselessness of a college education, because a college education cures you of the ignorance required to cast votes for people like Josh Mandel.

As the party of stupidity, Rushpubliscums don’t just dislike higher education. They hate it. They hate anyone who is smarter than they are. They hate thinking, because if you think, you can’t be a right-winger. Josho, in spite of his stupidity, understands this, and he’s blowing the right dog whistle when it comes to lining up the support of the morons.

Bring back shop class.

So says Republican state Treasurer Josh Mandel, who in his campaign to unseat U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown says it is “my mission right now to tell every school administrator they’ve got to put shop class back in high school.”

“I am sick and tired of young people in this country being told they need to get some four-year, liberal-arts degree in order to be successful,” Mandel said yesterday in a wide-ranging interview with The Dispatch. “The reality is, you can be a lot more successful and happy in life with a vocational degree.”

So how did Mandel, who has taken heat in this campaign for refusing to take positions on current legislation in the Senate, including bills introduced by Brown, find himself issuing such a passionate plea for schools to reinstitute industrial-technology education in their buildings?

Is the Democrat Brown against shop class?

“This has nothing to do with Sherrod Brown,” said Mandel, who got onto the topic of shop class while discussing his endorsement yesterday by the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

Does this make your head hurt yet? Josho CAN’T ARTICULATE A POSITION. But he wants to be your Senator.

Is it any wonder that Josho wants to do away with any kind of education that might lead you to think independently?