Students in Montreal stripped down to their birthday suits and red underwear to protest against to protest against Quebec’s proposed tuition hikes.


The students gathered downtown at Place Emilie-Gamelin around 7 p.m. Thursday and as their numbers grew to several hundred, the shirts, pants, skirts and jackets came off.

There was a whiff of cannabis in the air, indicating some students might have needed courage to bare almost all.

Originally billed as a totally bare march, many students said they realized they could run afoul of the law if they went buck naked so they toned it down.

Thongs, bikini bottoms, bras, bandeaus, jock straps, boxer shorts, briefs and a couple of very dare-to-be-bare men with socks on their nether regions were the costume du jour.

Some of the women were topless, but they used red paint, those ubiquitous red squares and other means to cover their breasts to avoid arrest for indecent exposure.



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