If Robert Parry is correct (and I believe that he is,) Paul Ryan not only had nothing to lose by introducing the destruction of Medicare into the political discourse-he had a lot to GAIN.

If there are two things you can count on when dealing with the Lamest Generation, those two things are the Lamers’ hatred and selfishness. Ryan’s plan does a pretty good job of appealing to both of the Lamers’ natural instincts: he promises them that THEY won’t have to give up anything, but he also promises them that everyone else WILL. This is music to the ears of the greediest, most self-entitled, most bigoted, and most hateful generation that any society, anywhere, ever produced.

The Republicans are making a cynical bet that Americans over 55 really are the “greedy geezers” of conservative ideology, people who care only for themselves and not for their children and subsequent generations.

That calculation is at the center of Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposal to replace Medicare with a voucher system, but only for those reaching retirement age in a decade.

Ryan and the Republicans have sought to dilute the political toxicity of their radical plan by grandfathering in people who are currently within the Medicare system and those who are now 55 or older.

Senior citizens vote in higher percentages than other demographic groups and thus could overturn the GOP’s House majority if they felt threatened by the transformation of Medicare.

So, Ryan and other advocates of his plan have stressed to seniors at town hall meetings that they will continue to get the system’s guaranteed benefits, an explanation that has drawn applause from some of the over-55 set but has prompted questions from others.

For instance, in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, 64-year-old Clarence Cammers hesitantly asked Ryan a question that got to the heart of the matter. After describing himself as a disabled veteran living on Social Security, Cammers said he could stand some cutbacks for himself; that wasn’t his concern.

“I will be fine,” Cammers said. “I guess what I’m saying is, what are all these changes going to mean for my son?”

Cammers was noting the hard truth that it would be Americans under 55 who would face Ryan’s scheme of replacing Medicare with government vouchers (or “premium support” as Ryan insists on calling it). That prospect is certain to be a grim one.

Though Ryan has inserted some pleasant language promising that the sick will get adequate care, the reality is sure to be much different, essentially requiring the elderly – many with preexisting conditions – to negotiate with insurance companies that don’t want them and their illnesses.

As the Brookings Institute’s Henry Aaron explained to the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein, “We’ve all heard about the great proportion of health services used by people in the last year of life. That means if you’re an insurer, you want desperately to not enroll those people.

“That means you need to try every marketing device you can not to get stuck with the sickies.”

Since Ryan’s plan also repeals last year’s Affordable Care Act, known as “Obamacare,” with its prohibitions against insurance companies excluding your preexisting conditions, there can be little doubt that industry sharpies would do all they can to limit their liability for medical treatments.

Ryan will retire with a GUBMINT pension, and he’ll have GUBMINT subsidized healthcare his whole life, so HE certainly doesn’t care. And we already know how much the Lamest Generation cares, as they’ve been happy to cut their childrens’ throats for 30 years now.

The lack of empathy for others. the inability to recognize that others have problems (I have heard more than one Lamer whine about his or her children/grandchildren not being able to make it “like I did,” without acknowledging how much they’ve done to destroy the future for those useless offspring. Not to mention damn near all of them got help from mommy and daddy for their first house, car, etc.) Isn’t the technical definition of a sociopath remarkably similar to what we see and hear from these Lamest Generation Klanbaggers?