PA to Israel: We take land, you take us

Recognizing that Israel is desperate – and wrongly so, in our opinion – to quell the Palestinian bid for statehood at UN General Assembly, the Fatah government detailed its concessions: it is ready to swap the land, but not populations. Their idea is to leave a reduced Israel with burgeoning Arab population instead of, as Lieberman argues, incorporate Israeli Arab enclaves into the Palestinian statelet. Never mind the inconsistency: if Palestinian Arabs exhibit so much national consciousness that they need a state, why their brethren prefer to leave in Israel?

The idea of having a Palestinian state is thus stupid for Jews to entertain: we gain absolutely nothing from the deal, and cannot even disenfranchise our Arabs of their citizenship as Jordan have done. On other hand, procrastination is no less stupid: the conflict has long become about Israel leaving with honor rather than substance. It does not pay to sustain an international conflict over essentially three small Jewish towns in the West Bank. Israel can only win by expelling Palestinian Arabs to Jordan.

Samson Blinded