FEMEN has named their Chernobyl anniversary protest “Mess in the Sarcophagus”, which is extremely well phrased taking into consideration the current state of the Ukrainian government. Using the Chernobyl disaster to attack Yuschenko and his cronies is very well timed, considering the likes of Pan G? moon, Yuk?y Amano and Jose Manuel Barroso are expected to come to Kiev. Protesting in Kiev’s own Independence Square, FEMEN has attracted substantial attention once more.

Unfortunately their protest was short lived, once again being arrested shortly after beginning. They did, however, manage to get substantial media coverage within the country, and are soon going to be featured on BBC World (April 18th, 1300 GMT). 

This latest attack on Ukrainian officials by FEMEN is becoming common place. It seems their core “Ukraine is not a Brothel” campaign is still going strong, but attacking the corrupt political arena of Ukraine is getting stronger. Lets hope that more Ukrainians join this battle, otherwise the country will be ravaged further.

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