Mathew Nellessen, 19, was angry with his father, 55-year-old George Nellessen, as he wouldn’t give him money that he believed was due, so he and his friends – Armon Braden (20), Azari Braden (19) and Marlon Green – forced him to sign a check for $100,000 and then beat him with a baseball bat and stabbed him with a kitchen knife – resulting in his death.

Mathew Nellesen, Azari Braden, Marlon Green, and Armon Braden (from left)

(Image Courtesy: Police Photos via Orlando Sentinel)

McCarthy said Mathew Nellessen, Armon Braden and Green waited inside George Nellessen’s house for him to return home after work on Tuesday. Azari Braden waited outside in a car.

The three forced George Nellessen into a chair and secured him with duct tape. After the father provided the men with the bank information, Mathew Nellessen wrote a check to himself off his father’s account for $100,000, prosecutors said. After forcing his father to sign the check, the son took $800 from his father’s wallet, McCarthy said.

Mathew Nellessen then repeatedly struck his father in the head with the  bat and stabbed him, the prosecutor said.Source:

After the incident, Mathrew tried to use ATM to withdraw money using his dad’s debit card.

Interestingly a week before, George Nellessen had told someone that he feared that his son will kill him one day. After Gerorge didn’t show up to work one of his friends went to him house and found him dead. She called 911 after which Mathew Nellessen was taken into custody. He did leave abruptly from the home Thursday and led police on a chase.

Judge Kay Hanlon ordered Mathew Nellessen held without bail today on murder and robbery charges. Hanlon set bail for Marlon Green at $3 million but ordered him held without bail on a violation of probation stemming from a 2009 robbery conviction.

Bail was set at $2 million for Armon Braden, 20, of the 700 block of East 83rd Street, and $1.5 million for his brother, Azari Braden, 19, of the 2000 block of South Michigan Avenue.Source:

Seems like the son had some past grudge against the father and used the whole issue to get back at him.