Holly Bobo, 20-year old cousin of country artist Whitney Duncan was abducted from her home in Parsons, Tennessee on Wednesday morning (April 13). According to reports, she was last seen by her brother Clint as she was being dragged from the carport of her home into the nearby woods. Clint told police he realized too late that the man was not her boyfriend, as he had originally assumed, but a stranger. Investigators and volunteers have been searching for Holly for the last 5 days.

Volunteers have been searching at the fair-grounds. On Sunday (day 5 of the search), 1432 volunteers turned out to search. The whole community seems to be reaching out to find her.


“Holly Bobo was signed up and scheduled to sing at our church this morning, and there’s going to be an empty spot in our congregation this morning,” Pastor Don Franks told WMCTV.  “There’s a big hurting in our heart, because we don’t know where she is and we don’t know what she’s going through.”

Source: www.nydailynews.com


Whitney Duncan also has been putting up update/tweets for her safe return. Shortly after Holly’s disappearance,  Miss Duncan made pleas for prayers, writing on Facebook: ‘My cousin Holly was kidnapped this morning. Please pray for her & our family. This is really sad & shocking.

She also tweeted: ‘Lord have mercy. I feel like I’m walking in a nightmare. Thanks for all the prayers and please keep spreading the amber alert.’

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reported that they are doing DNA test on the blood found over the weekend to see whether it belongs to Holly. TBI is also reaching out the community to help them with the search.

While the TBI is grateful for the tremendous turn-out of volunteers, the agency is asking people to shift their focus and try to think of anyone who may have exhibited strange or erratic behavior.

“If somebody suddenly called in sick to work or missed an appointment Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, that’s important information we would want to know.  If someone has suddenly begun cleaning up an ATV or a car, or reported a car stolen, or turned around a sold a vehicle, that’s information we would want to know,” Kristen Helm with the TBI explained.  “If somebody is feeling very anxious, or acting suspicious, behaving abnormally, feeling a lot of anxiety. These are all things that would lead us to believe this person could be a suspect, maybe, maybe not.”

Helm said investigators are also beginning to draft the profile of the man behind this suspected crime; that mystery man who, according to Holly Bobo’s brother, the only eyewitness, took his sister by the hand into the dense woods Wednesday morning.

“We have reason to believe that the suspect is probably from this community,” Helm told NewsChannel 5 on Sunday. “So, this is possibly somebody who knew her routine, knew what time she left for school.”Source: www.newschannel5.com

Anyone with information regarding this case should call 1-800-TBI-FIND.