The Brad Blog is all over this, and they are, I assume, getting hit pretty hard, so I’ll give you the gist of it.

If you’ve been reading here at all over the last week and a half or so, then you know about 7,500 “miracle” votes that Kathy Nickolaus of Waukesha County “discovered” after it started looking like JoAnne Kloppenburg would be the winner. Reactions have been pretty broad to the news, from our own Jonestown commenter saying “try to prove fraud” to a couple of kind people saying that she is probably just stupid, rather than crooked.

Given her history of blatantly ignoring calls to clean up the way she handles elections, it’s getting harder and harder to argue that she’s just plain stupid. Not that I don’t believe that she’s stupid; of course she is. But isn’t it usually stupid people who figure they can pull off the big crimes and get away with it?

This is malicious, criminal stupidity, and the State of Wisconsin simply cannot award this election to Prosser. Not with what we know.

And what we’re learning. 

Guess what? As per our story published a few hours ago on the still-unexplained anomalies found in past Waukesha County, WI elections, it looks like the state’s Government Accountability Board (the body which oversees elections in the state) can’t understand County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus’ explanations for the anomalous 2006 results either, where some 20,000 more votes were tallied than “ballots cast”, according to her own reports.

Just in tonight from the Wisconsin State Journal: “State investigating vote irregularities in Waukesha County going back 5 years”

Our report from earlier this evening offers a great deal more detail on the anomalies in question, and includes explanation (of a sort) and comment from Nickolaus who, the Journal reports, “was unavailable for comment Wednesday and Thursday.” She did, for whatever reason, manage to offer The BRAD BLOG comment on these concerns both yesterday and today, terse as it was. FWIW.

I am just thunderstruck. How on Earth has she managed to keep her position all this time?

She’s still in it. She’s refusing to resign, even though the details of her criminal behavior are being revealed at a rapid pace. It seems to me that the best course she can follow now is to admit that she’s an idiot and take a dive; every minute she stays brings the glare of more scrutiny.

She’s been a good friend, and reliable vote counter, for the Wisconsin Rushpubliscums. She should take her payoffs and go.

And the only fair thing to do here is to seat Kloppenburg in the position that she has obviously won.