Alina Kovalchuk (pictured above) is suffering from cancer of the lymph nodes, and is an active member of the FEMEN movement. It is believed that her cancer was caused by the Chernobyl crisis. Currently in Ukraine, one out of every 50 people suffer from cancer. While nobody is blaming the Ukrainian government for the root cause of the problem, the fact that the Ukrainian Health Ministry is simply lining their pockets, while the people of the country are dying without medicine is a bit of a problem.

We have discussed Ukraine’s corruption many times in the past, but Alina Kovalchuk is a direct consequence of this corruption. Instead of using the tax revenues to buy more medicine for people like Alina, officials instead buy themselves villas, yachts and expensive presents for their mistresses. 

Alina is slowly dying, as are about a million other Ukrainians, and the Health Ministry of Ukraine only care about their wallets. Corruption is ever present throughout the world. While the USA suffers from corruptions via Bankers and Investment Firms (among other things like Insurance, Drug Companies and the like), Ukraine suffers from corruption throughout the government. It is unfortunate that this corruption also involves agencies that dictate whether someone lives or dies.

If you want to help Alina directly, funds can be wired to her bank account:

Privat Bank Ukraine,  Account# 4405885015691774 

Images taken from FEMEN’s Livejournal Site