…the American people are digging that the Arabs are doing it for themselves.

This is a screaming, flashing warning light to the Plutocrats here. If things do not change via a democratic process, they will absolutely change by other means.

Oh, and for the kicker…. how long will it be before Americans figure out that we are the most reviled oppressors in the region?

Recent uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa have improved Americans’ opinions of Arabs, with Egyptians viewed in an especially positive light since their successful revolt against Hosni Mubarak, a poll showed Monday.

Fifty-six percent of Americans surveyed this month said they have a favorable view of Arab people in general, while 70 percent voiced positive opinions about Egyptians, the University of Maryland poll showed.

The Egyptian people’s ratings put them just below the 73-percent favorable rating that Americans give Israelis, according to the study, released on the eve of a forum on relations between the United States and the Islamic world.

When the 802 poll respondents were asked if the popular uprisings in the Arab world had influenced their opinions of Arabs, 39 percent said they felt more sympathetic toward the Arab people since the revolts began and just six percent said they felt less sympathy for them.

Three times more Americans think the revolts in the Arab world are about ordinary people seeking democracy than believe they are about Islamists aiming to seize power, the poll said.

While some officials have voiced fears that the changes in the Middle East could harm US interests in the region, nearly six in 10 Americans said they would back the moves toward greater democracy even if it meant a country would be more likely to oppose US policies, the survey showed.

The American people have never, ever been sympathetic to Arabs. But since we’re largely in the same boat that they are, sympathy is not only understandable, it’s to be expected. And you know that a lot of Americans aren’t just approving of the Arab revolts-they’re longing for something to shake things up HERE.

The Plutocracy cares nothing about America, or Americans, of course. They care about profits, and they’re getting plenty of those overseas. So their greedy ignorance is probably not reversible by the democratic process, which the SCOTUS has opened up for them to buy anyway.

It doesn’t matter. Change will come here as surely as it came to Cairo.