There are few people as disappointed as I am in the promise turned to platitudes of this Administration. I was also plenty pissed last November, but I understood what was at stake; the MSM was working overtime to make sure that people like me stayed home, so that only Klanbaggers came out and voted.

We know how that worked out, don’t we?

What I hadn’t really seen up till now were some hard numbers on who voted and who didn’t. This Florida example is a sobering one, and one you’d better keep in mind if you’re one of the millions of mindless asshats who thinks that your vote “doesn’t count.”

Be pissed at Obama. You have every right to be. But don’t allow yourself to forget that Obama is far from the only influence on the US. Shah Scott might like you to believe it, but that’s because he knows who WILL vote if you don’t.

I was born in Ocala, Florida in 1960, and though I’ve lived in other parts of the state for a few years at a time, I’m now back in Ocala, living in the house I grew up in. I’ve seen a lot of changes here, few for the better. But I’ve never been as frightened for the future of my state as I am now. All because a bunch of “principled” progressives decided to stay home in November, 2010.

Okay, it wasn’t all progressives. There were a lot of frustrated, disenchanted Democrats and Independents who stayed home nationwide, and a lot of motivated Tea Party voters who turned out. But the numbers are stark:

Population of Florida (2009 Estimate): 18,537,969 Registered Voters (2010 General Election): 11,217,384
(60.5% of Population)

Votes Cast in 2010 Gubernatorial Election: 5,359,735
(47.8% of Registered Voters, 28.9% of Population)

Votes Cast for Rick Scott: 2,619,335
(48.9% of Votes Cast, 23.4% of Registered Voters, 14.1% of Population)

Bottom line: Rick Scott was elected by less than 50% of those who voted in Florida in 2010, by less than 25% of all registered voters, and less than 15% of the total population of Florida.

Scott’s margin of victory was a mere 61,550 votes out of more than 5 million cast.

And there is no doubt a lot of Democrats stayed home. I’m not laying the blame on the Daily Kos community – support for Alex Sink was strong here, and on those occasions when an anti-Sink diary or comment was posted, the writer got smacked down.

But there was anti-Sink sentiment expressed, most centering around her stint as an executive with Bank of America in Florida and what at least one Kossack saw as her dismissive attitude towards the black community. And again, there’s no question a lot of Democrats stayed home in Florida last November, giving Rick Scott just enough of a margin – a bit over 1% of votes cast – to win the election.

The result is a developing nightmare for Floridians. The right-wingers had already taken over the legislature before Rick Scott was elected, but had been held in check by the moderate stances of our previous Republican governor, Charlie Crist. Now. with a criminal corporatist hack in the executive branch, all their Tea Party fetishes are coming to pass:

• They’re working on wholesale de-regulation of numerous business sectors in Florida, including auto mechanics and moving companies, just to name two… auto mechanics, for example, will no longer have to give customers a written estimate, contact customers for permission to perform extra work or turn over the replaced parts to customers. Moving companies will no longer be forbidden from raising their rates in the middle of a move, or holding your possessions hostage until you pay.

• They’re preparing to dismantle the Department of Community Affairs, the angency which coordinated growth management in our state. Builders will no longer be restrained from destroying wetlands, and local communities will not be allowed to pass growth management, anti-pollution or environmental protection laws which are tougher than the state’s (and the at the state level, those laws are being eviscerated).

• As Rachel Maddow reported last night, there are no fewer than 18 anti-abortion laws proceeding through the legislature.

• As in Wisconsin, Ohio, Maine and New Jersey, anti-union measures are moving through the legislature, including one which would end the practice of public workers having union dues deducted directly from their paychecks, requiring the union to collect those dues directly from the members.

• A bill removing teacher tenure and evaluating teachers solely on the basis of standardized test results has already passed the legislature and been signed by Scott. Plans are also in the works to expand the state’s voucher program to funnel more taxpayer dollars away from public schools and towards private religious and for-profit charter schools.

• The legislature has already established “Leadership Funds,” essentially legalized bribery, in which corporate special interests will be able to donate cash directly to legislative leaders, who will be able to disburse those funds to individual campaigns as they see fit.

• Rick Scott claimed a mandate after receiving less than 50% of the vote. Yet he’s stalling implementation of two “fair districts” constitutional amendments which would take re-districting out of the hands of the governor and legislature and make it more non-partisan. Those amendments were both approved by well over 60% of those voting in 2010.

• A move is on to pack the courts with political appointees. Currently, a judicial nominating commission chooses nominees for the Supreme Court and state courts. Under the new plan, the JNC would be disbanded, and the governor would have sole authority to nominate state judges and Supreme Court justices. Further, the current seven-member Supreme Court would be split into two five-member courts, one overseeing civil cases and the other overseeing criminal cases. This would give Scott three immediate Supreme Court picks, meaning he could pack both courts – especially the criminal one – with judges sympathetic to views and willing to look the other way when faced with his looting of the state treasury for his own private gain.


Shah Scott is Governor because of 15% of the eligible Florida electorate. Ohio’s numbers are probably worse. And Ohio, like Florida, didn’t even give 50% of those who DID vote to the Klanbagger. And yet, we’re both stuck, or rather impaled.

In a situation where only 15% of the electorate casts votes, you will wind up with a Rushpubliscum every time. Rushpubliscums vote due to 3 motivations: selfishness, hatred, and racism. I don’t have to tell you what kind of a candidate you’re going to get if he or she is chasing THAT portion of the electorate.

There is no “conservative” majority in the US. There is, as Nixon put it a long time ago, a SILENT majority, and that majority is decidedly Progressive. And that majority had better get over pissing and moaning, and resolve to vote for the downslate, because the downslate is where the CHANGE you can believe in will come from. It sure as hell won’t come from the Executive, so the push has to be elsewhere.

Or you can sit 2012 out too. That ought to work REAL good for you. It sure as hell did in 2010, didn’t it?