The US and France lean toward supplying weapons to rebels. That runs contrary to the UNSC resolution, which authorized essentially peacekeeping operations rather than flaring up Libyan civil war. Arms supply to rebels in an independent state which does not threaten its neighbors is grossly illegal, no different from Libya, for example, arming Muslim terrorists in the United States. If the American idea is to spread justice, why not start from more oppressive regimes, which abound throughout the world?

Russians objected to arms supply to any of the sides in Libyan conflict. Since Gadhafi is well-stocked with arms, that means starving the rebels under the guise of equality.

Now it is bet who would disintegrate faster: bands of untrained rebels or Gadhafi government. So far, the world prevents Gadhafi government from falling by denying its members asylum anywhere. Rebels keep growing stronger by the influx of Libyan fighters who fought the US in Iraq.

Libyan rebels