Two British Anti-Jewish female activists, with a so-called humanitarian convoy destined for the Gaza Strip were subjected to a brutal gang rape by five men in front of their father in Benghazi, Libya. That brought to my memory an Italian man, Vittorio Arrigoni, abducted and killed in Gaza.  He was so anti-Jewish so even Arabs could not do better but…!  And now we are hearing a different “love” story!  I bet when they’ll recover they explain the events as a Zionist plot to stain the Muslim faith and then will place the blame entirely on Israel and its Mossad spies. 🙂


The women, accompanied by their father on the convoy organized by Turkish NGO IHH, had been destined for the Palestinian coastal enclave blockaded by Israel when it was blocked from leaving Libya and entering Egypt.

The three decided to return to Benghazi accompanied by two more Britons, with the aim of getting a flight home. But when they arrived in Libya’s second city they were abducted by five unidentified men. Another source said the family was now being looked after at the Turkish consulate in Benghazi.

 Hey, good luck to them!