You’ll remember that Junket John and the President shook hands on a deficit reduction plan. That plan entailed things like automatic tax increases and automatic reductions in defense spending, if the so-called “Super Committee” of Senators found themselves unable to come to an agreement on deficit reduction measures.There was a broad consensus on targets for domestic spending too, all spelled out in the agreement that the Rushpubliscums signed on to.

The “Super Committee” failed for the same reason all attempts at deficit control have failed since 2009-the Rushpubliscums would rather turn America into a moonscape wasteland than to ask a rich man for even one dime in taxation. So, now, the automatic triggers will be hit.

Sure, you remember. Unfortunately the MSM doesn’t seem to remember, asthis article shows. As the mainstream media wipes the asses of the Rushpubliscum Party yet AGAIN with their clearly biased reporting, do not forget who it was that GAVE THEIR WORD on agreed-to spending goals, and who is NOW trying to lie their way out of it. The Rushpubliscums are trying to pretend that they NEVER agreed to domestic spending targets. They are also trying to portray the President as some kind of America-hating coward, because he’s willing to let the AUTOMATIC cuts to defense spending take place. Spending cuts the Rushpubliscums AGREED to.

I hope that now, at long last, the President realizes that any agreements made with these pathological liars aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on, or the hard drive sectors they occupy-take your pick. President Obama, and the Congressional dems, simply cannot agree to anything with these people anymore, because they don’t mean a word of it.

This is equivalent to “Peace In Our Time,” which the Rushpubliscums love to cite. Sadly, the President is in the position of Neville Chamberlain in this comparison.

And, like me or hate me for saying so, you know damned good and well who it is who are playing the part of the Nazis. And they’re playing the part quite well.

The House of Representatives on Thursday approved a $3.5 trillion budget plan proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan (W-Jonestown) on a 228 to 191 vote, largely along party lines.

The plan aims to curb exploding deficits through deep cuts in domestic programs, while lowering tax rates for individuals and businesses.

The plan will be rejected by the Democratic-majority Senate. But the House vote is significant for the opportunity it presented both parties to lay down a marker on the nation’s key fiscal issues heading into the November election campaign.

The House vote breakdown was 228 Republicans in favor, 181 Democrats and 10 Republicans opposed.

Republicans said the budget represented an honest attempt to tackle the nation’s growing trouble with debt.

“We have an obligation, not just a legal obligation, but a moral obligation to do something about it,” Ryan said on the House floor Wednesday.

But Democrats said it would cut deficits by hitting programs relied on by the poor and vulnerable, like Medicaid, food stamps, education and other programs.

They said they were eager to use the Ryan plan as the linchpin of an election year argument that Republicans favor the wealthy over the middle class and are using deficits as an excuse to shrink domestic programs they’ve long opposed.

“Because our Republican colleagues refuse to ask millionaires to contribute one cent to deficit reduction, they hit everyone and everything else,” said Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) during House debate Wednesday.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said Thursday that the Ryan plan would create “a segmented replacement for Medicare that would burden seniors and end the program as we know it.”

In many ways, the debate and the vote were a repeat of a House debate over a Ryan plan introduced a year ago. Democrats were convinced they won the political upper hand in that battle and have signaled they will use Ryan’s plan and its Medicare adjustments through the November election.

But the GOP is convinced that independent voters are deeply concerned about government spending and that their passage of a detailed budget plan undercuts President Obama portrayal of a do-nothing Congress. The Senate, by contrast, has not passed a budget in three years.

Under Ryan’s blueprint, the Medicare eligibility age would rise over time beginning in 2023 from 65 to 67. In the future, seniors would be given government assistance to purchase private health-insurance plans or could continue to take part in the current fee-for-service model. Spending would be capped, meaning risks and costs could shift to seniors as health-care costs rise.

The plan also would set agency budgets for the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1 at $1.028 trillion — $19 billion less than agreed to in the difficult deal to lift the nation’s debt ceiling over the summer.

HONEST attempt? This is the biggest bunch of bullshit I’ve ever seen, and the WaPo just prints it, BARELY mentioning the AGREEMENT the Rushpubliscums TRASHED in order to put this shit budget together. Look at this article for yourselves; this is a footnote.

Well, you know, it’s more than a footnote. This goes to the heart of the credibility of the Rushpubliscum Party. These men and women are liars, meaning that there simply is NO WAY to come to any kind of a “bipartisan” agreement with them. No matter how much you give them, they will not be satisfied unless ALL things are EXACTLY as they want them.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t make deals with people I know to be pathological liars. I don’t think most of you do, either.

There is no solution for this kind of blatant dishonesty, save to completely stop even trying to talk to such people.