Assmussen Reports came into existence in 2003, which is right about the time that Chimpy’s popularity started to fall off. Almost immediately, they produced a “poll” that amounted to a paean to the moronic monkey and all of his destructive policies. Assmussen regularly adds anywhere from 6% to 40% (yes, 40%. Hawaii, Senatorial election of 2010) to the actual support numbers for Rushpubliscum candidates. In any world but this one, Assmussen would long ago have been written off as a joke.

Like I said-in any OTHER world. In the one we live in, supposedly unbiased American “news” organizations report on Assmussen polls like they mean something. That’s why I am not the least bit surprised to see that in a Senatorial election that all other pollsters suggest is going to be a cake walk for Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Assmussen sees Brown and hopeless idiot/lazy Rushpubliscum tool Josh Mandel in a statistical tie.

Assmussen, as always, is trying to plant some seeds, and grow some real support for a horrible Rushpubliscum candidate. They may have planted the seeds early, but I’m thinking they’re using a bit too much shit in an attempt to get them to grow. Mandel is an idiot, he is very clearly an idiot, and it’s plain as day that he’s simply incapable of doing his job as Ohio Treasurer.

Every poll taken shows that Ohioans understand this. Er, every poll taken SAVE ONE.

My what a surprise THAT poll is…