Killing by a terrorist first three French commandos, and then four people in a Jewish school in Toulouse put “beautiful France” in the center of world news.  

The public of the world, in general, begin  to show interest if somewhere someone is killed. However, the in same world it is easy to get used to the news from the regions where violent death has become a familiar way … of life. No one is interested in the dead of Afghanistan. And we are not very interested in dead from Libya.  Another thing, when in a quiet Norway a resurrected Viking Breivik, or someone like him, goes on a killing spree, like in a Hollywood movies.  And that happened in the home of Brigitte Bardot, WOW!!!   At once we perceive the words: “See Paris and die!” in a different proportion.  Especially after we find out that the terrorist attacks in Toulouse did not stop there, and on Wednesday morning in the French capital someone has tried to blow up the Indonesian Embassy. And no one can understand what an Indonesia got to do with it?  Maybe it was just the least guarded embassy?  But the “smell” of the attack remains us as more as an “information bomb” rather than something real – something exploded, but no one was hurt. Whatever it was, all the attacks, rather, into the hands of President Sarkozy.

They (murders) occurred at the start of his campaign. Militant Carla Bruni’s husband immediately began to fuss, flashed in the news and promised to find and punish the ubiquitous enemy. His rating  went up and up into the growth. If Arabs wanted to harm aquatic Nicolas, they done him a great favour, in which he, of course, never admit.  But this is a politics – and in it all can be used, even dead bodies, as a dead piece of wood for a fire for someone’s glory. And no one remembers that the real culprit of another outbreak of terror is he, Mr. Sarkozy. After all, he bombed Libya, and provoked a military coup there. And in many way what is going on in France now, only the side-effects of his vigorous foreign policy. Unfortunately, the European civilization continues to exist due to the blood of non-European people.