People, at least those who are able to tie their own shoes, generally agree that “Junket John” Boehner is, perhaps, the worst Speaker in the history of the House of Representatives. And considering that Newt once held that position, this is saying something. Boehner is ineffectual, dishonest, and utterly unable to discipline his Klanbagger Kaukus. Majority Leader/Klanbagger Golden Boy Eric Cantor, a moron if ever there was one, does pretty much as he pleases, leaving Junket John with egg on his face, time and time again.

That’s why I wasn’t sure to be amazed or amused that someone would ask Junket John to do his job. REALLY?!? You HAVE been watching this clown, like I have, right? And a HIGHWAY bill to boot? C’mon now…. John hasn’t been sober enough to drive himself anywhere for decades, and you don’t get much action from him in any case unless you happen to be a lobbyist (likeLisbeth.)

I guess it doesn’t hurt anything to try to get John to do something other than drink, take payoffs, and play around on his wife, but I don’t think that there’ll be any success from the effort.

A national labor union has released a radio ad and brochures aimed at blanketing House Speaker John Boehner’s district – an effort to push Boehner and House Republicans to pass a highway bill that would beef up investment in the nation’s roads and bridges.
LIUNA – the Laborers’ International Union of North America – last week released a radio ad that compares Congress’ failure to act on the federal highway bill to a game of “Russian Roulette.” The ad points out that one-fourth of the nation’s bridges are deficient or obsolete, and the average bridge is now 45 years old, dangerously close the average bridge lifespan of 50 years.
The group bought ad time in Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton media markets, and can be heard at
It’s part of a big push by the union to get the House to act on the bill. The Senate passed its version of the bill last week. The group also sent out 100,000 brochures entitled “How to Survive a Collapsing Bridge: Inspired by House Speaker John Boehner,” which contains information from the U.S. Army Survival Guide on bridge collapses.
And the campaign continues this week. On Monday, the organization will send a flatbed truck carrying a giant roll of duct tape through the state. The truck will be labeled the “Emergency Bridge Repair Team.”

They’d do a lot better if they had a giant bottle of Jack on that flatbed. John might actually come out to talk to them that way.