This is, of course, a stupid woman. She should be thanking the irrational fears of a bunch of old freeloading white people for FOX “News.”

And our education system. Oh yes, she should surely be thanking our educational system.


The nation is making progress in increasing the high school graduation rate, according to a study released Monday, yet 1 in 4 Americans don’t complete high school.

The report, released by advocacy groups, was presented at the Grad Nation education summit in Washington, D.C. The event itself was organized by the America’s Promise Alliance, founded by former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

The national graduation rate increased by 3.5 percentage points between 2001 and 2009, the report found. The graduation rate rose from 72% to 75.5% in 2009 -– meaning that roughly one of every four American students dropped out of high school. The groups’ goal is 90% by 2020.

“The good news is that some states have made improvements in their graduation rates, showing it can be done. But the data also indicate that if we are to meet our national goals by 2020, we will have to accelerate our rate of progress, particularly in the states that have shown little progress,” said Robert Balfanz, director of Everyone Graduates Center, Johns Hopkins University, and co-author of the Building a Grad Nation report.

In addition to the center and America’s Promise Alliance, other groups involved in the report were Civic Enterprises and the Alliance for Excellent Education. The report was sponsored by AT&T with additional support from the Pearson Foundation.

So, 1 out of every 4 of us don’t graduate high school. I wonder where the highest percentages of dropouts can be found?

Let’s find out.


For those who are a wee bit blind in their old age (like me,) this graphic breaks it down by color. And the lighter the color, the fewer the high school graduates.

If we name names, then this is what we get.


The state with the highest graduation rate is Wisconsin, where 89.6 percent of high school freshmen finished in four years. Sixteen other states also cracked the 80 percent threshold: Vermont, Minnesota, Iowa, New Jersey, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Connecticut, Montana, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Idaho.

Meanwhile, our nation’s capital had the lowest graduation rate, at 56 percent. Alaska, Alabama, Florida, New Mexico, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Nevada trailed the 70 percent graduation rate mark.


What is the common thread among the states with a graduation rate below 70%?  Can I get a great big youbetcha here?

It is no wonder Rapture Rick considers college to be snobbery. He, like all Rushpubliscum politicians, understands what an educated population means for his political prospects. Stupidity isn’t just welcomed in today’s Rushpubliscum Party-it is celebrated as a virtue. The less you know about things, and the dumber you sound, the better you are liked in Rushpubliscum circles. The Rushpubliscum Party has become a refuge for the unlearned, a place where they can congregate and feel good about themselves.

And that points up what is wrong with the Rushpubliscum Party of today. They don’t see the unskilled, the unlearned, or the flat-out stupid as a problem. They see them as a political opportunity. The 1 in 4 of us who don’t graduate high school roughly corresponds to the number of hard core Rushpubliscums nationwide, and the higher concentration of those people in the Southeast explains everything there is to understand about why Rushpubliscums are so successful there. Since ignorance is essential for Rushpubliscum Party success, the Rushpubliscum Party isn’t going to do anything to enhance education in this country.

And thus, if we allow Rushpubliscums to govern education policy at any level, we are dooming ourselves to more ignorance, more grinding poverty, and more utter hopelessness. However you feel about Democrats, you simply cannot seriously entertain the notion of Rushpubliscums setting policy in this country anymore.