The Rushpubliscum courtesans of Czar Kashitch I have been remarkably loyal to their Sovereign. They haven’t hesitated to help him ram laws down the throats of Ohioans that should, by all that is proper, imperil their own political careers.

However, the loyal courtesans serve the Czar only as a secondary Sovereign. When push comes to shove, the Czar’s courtesans will turn on him, just like they turned on the people of the State of Ohio, at any mention of asking the super-wealthy to pony anything up for any benefit that the wealthy might get from doing business in Ohio.

And really……. as sorry as I am to say this, the Czar is on the right side of this issue. He is proposing asking people who stand to get filthy-rich from Ohio resources to fling a few pennies our way. But even a few pennies are way too much to ask from the sorry lot in control of the Ohio General Assembly. Better to bring Ohio down in flames and smoke, than to ever ask the rich for ANY kind of contribution.

Funny, ain’t it? Someone has found a way to make this Governor look like a reasonable moderate.

Gov. John Kasich late yesterday lashed out at fellow Republicans controlling the Ohio House after learning they plan to strip out the tax provisions of his revamped state budget.

Apparently blindsided by the move, Kasich said he was “extremely disappointed” that lawmakers appear poised to favor the oil and gas industries over the residents and small businesses of Ohio.

Kasich said his proposal to impose extraction taxes on natural gas and oil and to use the proceeds to give Ohioans an income-tax cut are “very sensible” and it would be a “missed opportunity” for lawmakers not to enact his plan.

“I am very disappointed with this decision,” Kasich said. “I think delaying the ability to get a modernization of the severance tax in place and not moving as quickly as we can to establish the fact that Ohio families and small businesses would be great beneficiaries — I’m disappointed that it’s not going to happen now.”

Kasich made his comments in a conference call with reporters. Earlier, state Rep. Ron Amstutz, R-Wooster, chairman of the House Finance and Appropriations Committee, announced that the tax provisions of the mid-biennium budget review Kasich unveiled on Wednesday would be stripped out of a bill to overhaul the state budget.

The average Ohio Rushpubliscum voter is too stupid to wipe, so the significance of this is going to be lost on them, just as all matters not related to Jesus or wimmins are lost on them. The rest of us, however, probably ought to consider how radicalized this bunch of Rushpubliscums is. There is no way Ohio can prosper, or advance, as long as you’ve got these clowns in the driver’s seat.

There’s an election coming up. If you haven’t voted for awhile…. maybe now’s the time. Knowwhatimean?