The more-than-expected success of the Iron Dome in dealing with recent spate of rocket attacks from Gaza brought a state of euphoria. Now, the reasoning goes, we need not fight the Palestinians on their turf but rather can protect ours. The IDF pushes for several more Iron Dome batteries.

All of this is very wrong. The Domes are inherently penetrable by multiple-rocket launchers. It is only a question of how large a salvo the Arab enemies can muster.

As with the Soviet-American missile offense-vs-defense race, one side’s increased defensive capabilities sparked arms race. So the Arabs will be switching from Grads to Fahr-5’s and, on Hezbollah’s side of the border, to Scuds. Israel will be stuck with hugely expensive and ultimately inefficient solution, always in fear of saturation-level attacks.

Samson Blinded