Iranian media voice enthusiastic support for the upcoming Global March to Jerusalem. Many prominent Iranians promised to join the movement which is also patronized by some 150 committees worldwide, including ultra-left Jewish groups.

The march’s agenda seems innocuous, to raise awareness of Jerusalem as a city of three religions. Why, then, such support from ayatollahs and pro-Palestinian groups? Simply, to protest Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The activists want international control over Jerusalem, where Muslims will de facto control because they possess the most structures in the Old City.

This is essentially the UN’s 1947 solution where future Israel was envisaged as three cantons with Jerusalem under international occupation. Olmert and Peres agreed to a similar solution when they offered Palestinians ‘joint control’ over the Temple Mount. The control won’t be really a joint one because Muslims would have three members in the five-member committee.

Samson Blinded