This is the Rushpubliscum challenger to Senator Sherrod Brown.

He served his country with honor, doing 2 terms in Iraq. Unlike the despicable white trash who made fun of John Kerry’s honorable service in the defense of a coward, I won’t stoop to that level. I believe that a man who serves his country honorably ought to be recognized, and I recognize that Mandel did his duty honorably.

Having said that, I also have to say that I have personally known a lot of idiots who served their country honorably.

And Josh Mandel is an idiot.

He’s only the Treasuer of Ohio because he ran for the office in the Klanbagger year of 2010. He’s never wanted to do the job; this was a placeholder position, so he could run against Sherrod Brown in 2012.

As a matter of fact, it is getting harder and harder to even FIND Mandel to get him to come to work, because he’s almost always somewhere other than Ohio, doing something other than his job.

Something like this.

Democrats are hammering Ohio state Treasurer and GOP Senate nominee Josh Mandel for holding a fundraiser, in a far-off location with some special company.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported Tuesday that Mandel flew to the Bahamas last Friday, to give a speech and hold a fundraiser at the convention of the Community Financial Services Association — the trade group for the payday-lending industry, which has been targeted heavily in the debates over financial reform and the Dodd-Frank law passed by Congressional Democrats and President Obama in 2010.

Mandel is running against Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown, who has supported Dodd-Frank and other major Democratic initiatives, in what could shape up to be a top-tier race in this big swing state.

Of course, it is not at all unusual for Senate candidates (and incumbents) travel to places far and wide, in order to raise money from VIP’s. On the other hand, Dems are pouncing at the fact that he traveled all the way to another country to do it — and, they say, neglected the job of Treasurer to which he was just elected in 2010.

From the DSCC’s press release:

Ohio’s absentee Treasurer Josh Mandel is good at one thing – NOT doing his job. Yesterday the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that Mandel went to great lengths to skirt his responsibilities as Treasurer, flying to the Bahamas last week to do what he does best – tend to his political interests with a fancy fundraiser. Mandel has set a modern day record for completely blowing off his duties as Treasurer, failing to attend a single meeting of the Board of Deposit, an important state investment board that Mandel chairs.

“From the moment he was sworn in to office Josh Mandel has thumbed his nose at the people of Ohio and skirted his job responsibilities as Treasurer,” said Matt Canter. “It’s unbelievable that Josh Mandel has the audacity to fly to the Bahamas to raise campaign cash after setting a modern day record for completely ignoring his job, all while arrogantly asking Ohioans for a promotion to the Senate.”Mandel campaign spokesman Travis Considine sought to turn the accusations, of being friendly to the payday loan industry, back on Brown, the Plain Dealer reports:

Considine characterized Mandel’s support from payday lenders as less onerous than Brown’s fund-raising from other financial industry segments. While Brown “voted for the Wall Street bailout,” Considine said, he “took $2.3 million in donations from the finance, insurance, and real estate sector,” and $74,500 from credit company interests.

Actually, Brown did not take all that money while voting to bail out Wall Street. Based on a composite compiled by Political Money Line, those figures appear to cover Brown’s entire career in the House — 14 years — as well as his five years so far in the Senate.

I wouldn’t expect the Plain Liar to do too much in the way of clarifying, so of course other will have to. Not that it matters; Mandel is doing the classic Ruishpubliscum “THEY DONE IT TOO!!!,” as if somehow it’s OK for Josh to be corrupt scum because a DEMMYCRAT took money from the financials.

Hopefully once he gets his ass handed to him in November, he’ll go away and let someone who wants to do the job be Treasurer. Maybe even someone actually capable of doing it, although that’s a long shot when it comes to Ohio Rushpubliscums.