I suppose Newt should be pleased with himself that he mamaged to make the sack of filth that he is palatable to so many people. But he shouldn’t pat himself on the back too hard; his campaign has lasted this long because (1.) the SCOTUS decision to let billionaires play elections like horse races is half the reason he has managed to make it up to now, and (2.) the fact that Rapture Rick and Willard are his only significant opponents are the other reason that he’s made it up to now.

It isn’t going to be easy, but it’s time for Newt to tell Callista that she just isn’t going to get to be First Lady. Perhaps he can pick her up a bauble with his million-dollar line of credit at Tiffany’s to soothe her pain.

Newt Gingrich saw his presidential hopes all but dashed Tuesday in the Deep South, where he was rejected by voters in the very region that launched his storied political career more than three decades ago.

The former House speaker placed second behind rival Rick Santorum in primaries in Mississippi and Alabama after banking his candidacy an all-Southern strategy that never fully bore fruit. Santorum’s victories in states home to the Republican Party’s most conservative voters all but ensures a head-to-head contest between front-runner Mitt Romney and the former Pennsylvania senator in upcoming contests.

Addressing supporters in a hotel ballroom in Birmingham, Ala., Gingrich said he was disappointed he had come up short but had no plans to leave the race. He fueled speculation that none of the candidates will have secured the delegates necessary to capture the nomination at the party’s convention in Tampa, Fla., in August.

“When the primaries are over and it’s clear no one person has won, who would do the best job of representing America and winning the election against Barack Obama?” Gingrich said to cheers.

Despite his defiant posture, the losses in the two states were devastating to Gingrich’s candidacy.

He had campaigned hard across both states for nearly a week, stressing his connections to the Southeast and his understanding of the region’s issues. He repeatedly mocked Romney’s professed love of cheesy grits, saying he understood the Southern specialty far better than the Harvard-educated former Massachusetts governor who has struggled to connect.

With gas prices rising, Gingrich focused his campaign appearances on energy policy and promoted increased oil and gas drilling — important industries in the two Gulf Coast states. He delighted audiences by mocking Obama as “President Algae” for suggesting oil and gas could be developed from algae in the future.

But in the end, conservatives sided more with Santorum, a fiery social conservative whose values-laden message resonated with many voters.

You know, losing to Rapture Rick should be enough of an embarrassment to drive ANYONE out of the contest.That’s a cheesy bunch of grits, right there.

However, if Newt decides to stay on, I certainly support his decision. He has been a free source of entertainment that my blog would be poorer without.