Concerns about Iranian warships visiting the Jeddah Port were clarified by Saudi Defence release – We also wanted to maintain friendly relations with other countries upholding the principle of good intentions, and strengthen our relations with them on the basis of mutual respect and confidence, -not reassuring to US concerns.

Looks like next year the Saudi Heritage Festival Janasriyah will have two guest countries. One will be Arab and the other a friendly outside country. Iran is poised for this honour but officially not decided yet.

The conflict in Tunis was over the Saudi wanting to form an Arab Peacekeeping Force to be used in Syria. The conflict arose when the Saudi’s suggested something along the lines of what the African Union has been trying to form. This would create a semi permanent force under Saudi guidance of course.

The US is against this as it would encourage the type of situation like in Bahrain where Saudi forces are being used to quiet the Arab Spring movement.

Samson Blinded