Nancy Grace is a little strange. She is always ready to annoy, embarrass, oppress, and cause undue harm anyone on her show but doesn’t want the same videotaped in the court of law?

Nancy Grace doesn't want her deposition videotaped

Melinda Duckett appeared on her talk show in 2006 with regards to her 2 year son who went missing. Instead of helping her, Grace grilled the woman, accusing her of hiding something. Duckett allegedly got so affected by the interview that she shot and killed herself the day the taped interview was scheduled to air. Grace and CNN are being sued by Melinda Duckett’s family blaming her and the show for inflicting emotional distress on the 21-year-old Florida mother during an appearance on her talk show. Check her suicide note here.

Melinda Duckett Wrongful Death

Duckett, 20, shot herself in the head on Sept. 8, 2006, at her grandparents’ home in The Villages, hours before her interview with Grace was scheduled for broadcast on HLN, a division of Cable News Network.

Law-enforcement investigators had questioned Duckett about her son, who was reported missing Aug. 27, 2006, by his mother from their first-floor apartment, and Leesburg police have since called her the only suspect.

The boy has not been found.Source:


Now, since the tables have turned Grace doesn’t want her deposition to be videotaped.


By keeping video cameras out, Grace’s lawyers argue they would avoid “annoyance, embarrassment, oppression, and undue harm should the videotape be released prior to trial for purposes unrelated to the litigation,” according to the emergency motion, filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Ocala.

U.S. Magistrate Gary Jones is expected to rule on Grace’s request before Thursday. If Jones permits the deposition to be videotaped, Grace’s lawyers, Judith Mercier and Charles Tobin, want the recording to be kept private.

Grace is scheduled to be deposed at 9 a.m. Thursday in Atlanta by lawyer Kara Skorupa. Grace declined comment through CNN spokeswoman Janine Iamunno.


Lawyer Kara Skorupa found the depositions “ironic” as we all do, especially looking at her show’s “Caught on Tape” specials for depositions.

Grace’s cable show has promoted and broadcast an array of crime-news issues, including special programs entitled “Caught on Tape!” that featured the videotaped testimony of Casey Anthony’s parents, Cindy Anthony and George Anthony, taken during depositions for a civil lawsuit.Source:

I really hope that this case stops (or at least discourages) news anchors and talk hosts to grill people into distress, embarrassment, depression and even suicide.