It is an incidence that has shocked not only Britain but the whole world. Two brothers aged 10 and 11 lured their victims, two kids aged 9 and11,  to a secluded spot in Edlington, South Yorks, and subjected them to savage violence and sexual degradation in April 2009 for 90 minutes. The reason – they had nothing to do and just for kicks! They have been jailed for a minimum of 5 years.

Shocking: Two evil brothers who tortured innocent boys 'for kicks' jailed for 5 years

The boys were stamped on, punched and throttled with a length of washing line. They were forced to eat nettles and dirt, the younger boy was made to perform a sexual act on the other, and they were attacked with wooden sticks, branches, lighted cigarettes, stones and broken bottles. Both boys were gagged with socks stuffed into their mouths and the older one had a large piece of an enamel sink dropped on his head.

After luring the victims to a quiet spot with the promise of seeing a dead fox, the brothers began the attack without any warning.

The victims, the court heard today, had their faces and heads repeatedly stamped on and kicked and were struck on the head with bricks and stones, one weighing 13kg. They were stabbed with sticks, punched, burned with cigarettes and had their necks cut with broken glass.

The brothers, who cannot be named for legal reasons, “were acting as a team from the beginning to the end”, Nicholas Campbell QC, prosecuting, told the court.

Both attackers laughed and egged each other on throughout the assault, which took place in two isolated locations and lasted more than an hour.

They forced the boys to eat nettles. The nine-year-old boy was made to lick the shoe of the older brother after the stamping left it coated in blood,

The attack only ended when the brothers, who had lived in Edlington for less than three weeks after being moved from their family home in Doncaster to foster accommodation, said they had to meet their father.

By that stage, the older victim was semi-conscious and near death after part of a ceramic sink was hit against his head. The younger boy was pretending to be dead after pushing a stick into his mouth when ordered by his attackers to kill himself.

After he raised the alarm, a member of the public found the other boy, severely hypothermic and dressed only in a T-shirt. Police believe that if he had been left much longer he would have died.

Source: Guardian

Shocking: Two evil brothers who tortured innocent boys 'for kicks' jailed for 5 years

Interestingly, during the court proceedings, the older of the brothers claimed that he was very close to killing the victim and he only stopped because his arms were hurting.

And when the elder was asked how close on a scale of one to 10 they came to killing the lads, he said: “Perhaps eight or nine.”

After their arrest each brother tried to blame the other for the attack. The elder claimed they picked on the youngsters who were out riding BMX bikes because they were bored.

He told a detective: “There were nowt to do.” During interviews the elder boy became angry when officers asked him about the sexual element to the attack.

He insisted his brother had been responsible and he had looked the other way because it was “gay”. When asked why he had stopped the beating, he replied: “Cos I’d had enough, me. I didn’t want to do any more.

“My arms were aching.” He admitted if his arms had not hurt, he would have carried on.

Asked why the beating stopped, he said: “Erm, he kept screaming, so I stopped it.”

When asked how he felt afterwards he replied: “Tired. My arms were hurting.”

The younger boy was shown footage his brother took on a mobile phone, including a close up of one victim’s bloody face. Asked how he felt, he said: “All right…I don’t feel sick or ‘owt.” He admitted: “We kept stamping on ’em and kicking ’em.”

He said: “He was screaming and shouting…the blood poured from the wound. I wa’ gipping, I wa’ nearly sick.”

The brothers also repeatedly attacked the elder boy by prodding him with a stick.

As they walked away the elder told the younger they may have killed the 11-year-old. He said: “I think he’s dead, ‘cos he’s just laid there, saying nowt.”Source: w

Picture from the Video of the attack

The even took a video of their ordeal. Part of which was shown in the court.

On the sick footage, filmed on a mobile taken from one victim, the thug laughs and a voice can be heard gloating: “Hell of a picture.”

The harrowing clip was shot by the older thug, 11, as his 10-year-old brother beat one of the boys senseless leaving him too weak to protect himself.

The footage showed a closeup of the 11-year-old victim’s battered and bloodied face as he whimpered in pain during the 90-minute ordeal. His injuries were so horrific he looked like a bomb blast victim. Only his swollen right eye could be seen through the blood running from his wounds as he was left for dead. The video was played at the start of the thugs’ three-day sentence hearing.

But the yobs, who had threatened to kill the boys, showed no emotion as the graphic scenes outlined their sickening brutality. During last April’s attack the youngsters were choked, cut with barbed wire, forced to eat nettles and dirt, beaten with rocks and sticks, stripped and pushed into a stream.

They were also kicked, punched, stamped on, burnt with cigarettes and forced to perform sex acts on each other. The older victim had a heavy ceramic sink dropped on his head, sparking laughter from his attackers.

At one point the younger thug wound a rope around the neck of one victim. His brother pulled it tight, trying to choke the boy as he yelled: “Are you dying now?” The boy was so terrified he put a stick down his throat and pretended he was dead. The yobs covered the pair with a plastic sheet and tried to set them alight in Edlington, South Yorks.Source: w

What made the brothers evil?

It seems that the brothers had a really “bad” parents. Father was a an abusive violent drunk who grew cannabis and mother was a drug attack. Nothing was taboo at the house – the kids were allowed to drink, smoke cannabis, watch violent/pornographic movies, etc.

The court heard how the brothers’ upbringing was marked by “routine aggression, violence and chaos”, regularly watching their father punch and kick their mother, sometimes while drunk but often when sober, driven by a jealousy which saw him forbid her from even talking to other men. The brothers learned not to intervene, the court was told; doing so meant either their mother was hit harder, they were struck, or both.

The mother, meanwhile, treated the boys as adult confidants, pouring out her “intimate” secrets to them, the court heard.

Once she threatened to leave home, prompting the father to promise he would track her down and slice her face “to bits” with a knife.

Left unsupervised, the boys smoked cigarettes and their father’s home-grown cannabis and drank spirits. They watched pornographic and violent films, identified in court as a possible inspiration for the sexual element of their attack.

The mother is believed to now be living in a caravan on the Lincolnshire coast. Friends of the father say he remains in Doncaster but keeps a low profile.

A revealing insight into the brothers’ domestic life came shortly before Christmas as the house was gutted by a team of workers before the arrival of new tenants.

“It was in a hell of a state when we started work. Just look at this,” said one of the workers, pointing at an interior door. “It’s just black with grime, with grease. We’ve just stripped out the bathroom. It was in a real mess before we took it out, just filthy. There was a real stink.”Source: Guardian

Obviously, the parents of the victims are not too happy with the judgement and they want at least minimum of 10 years of imprisonment for the kids. They claim that the kids will come back and kill again.


The dad, whose 12-year-old son was filmed during an attack so brutal he was left in a coma, said the sentence was “ridiculous”, adding: “Never let them out. Next time they will kill. I am certain of that.

“I don’t think it will ever be safe to release them. I am convinced they will do it again. They loved what they did. You could see it on their faces in court. They were smiling. They are bloodthirsty.”

And the 44-year-old slammed the boys’ parents. He said: “They brought them up like dogs.”

Today, child welfare campaigners said they will ask the Attorney General to increase the brothers’ sentence.

Founder of charity Kidscape, Michelle Elliott, said the victims deserve the security of knowing their tormentors will not be released for at least a decade.Source: g


Interestingly there were at least 30 opportunities to intervene in the last 14 months. Any one of them could have stopped the attack!

My thoughts on the story –

  • Arrest the parents of the brothers and put them to jail for ever
  • Also chemically castrate them, so that they never can have any children
  • Make sure the brothers are jailed for a long time and supervised, so that they are not converted into even worse (if it is possible) criminals.
  • Don’t release the brothers for another 10 years at least!