Homosexuality in China was illegal until 1997 and was considered a mental illness till 2001, so Mr Gay pageant was a big leap for homosexual community in China. But just around an hour before the start of the contest, Beijing police blocked organiser from staging the event.

Chinese Mr Gay Paegant cancelled an hour before opening


“This event has been cancelled,” Wei Xiaogang, who was to have acted as one of the judges in the Mr Gay China contest, told AFP.

“In my opinion, I believe it had something to do with the issue of homosexuality,” he said.

Contestants in the competition — which was to have included an underwear segment — were to vie for the right to represent China at the Worldwide Mr Gay pageant in Norway next month.

Source: www.google.com


The pageant was supposed to be held in an upmarket Beijing nightclub with 8 contestants competing to represent China in the at the Worldwide Mr Gay pageant next month in Norway. There were around 150 people who showed up for the event, mostly media people.



Contestant Jiang Bo, 29, told Reuters: “It’s a disaster. I’m full of disappointment. I thought the government was becoming more and more tolerant.

“They were making a big step. The whole world was thinking China was doing a very good thing. But now I think everybody will be disappointed.”

In June last year, the organisers of China’s first Gay Pride Festival were told to cancel two of their sessions – and that they would face “severe consequences” if they went ahead.

Source: BBC


The event was supposed to be a big step towards acceptance of homosexuality in the country and allow people to come out of the closet but it seems like, it is still a big uphill battle for homosexuals.