It couldn’t last forever, could it? The “Facebook Fugitive,” or Craig “Lazie” Lynch, 28, who has been taunting police via Facebook since his escape from the minimum-security Hollesley Bay Prison near the village of Woodbridge in southern England a few months ago, has been captured.

It was reported by Scotland Yard that they arrested Lynch in southern England on Tuesday night. They only confirmed that he had been arrested and gave few details.

Lynch had drawn a huge audience to his Facebook page, with tens of thousands of fans. However, his first page was shut down, and it appears a second one has been shut down as well. Some were actually cheering him on, but others were hoping for a capture.

In reality, it’s amazing it took so long. Authorities should have been able to close in on him based on his IP address.

Lynch’s new charge is apparently escaping from custody. He is due to appear in court later Wednesday.

Originally on SNAFU-ed