There are some updates on the American Airlines flight AA331 that overshot the runway and split apart while landing at Kingston-Norman Manley International Airport on Dec. 22. Ninety two passengers were hurt out of the 154 on board the Boeing 737-800.

Update on Jamaica Crash of American Airline Flight AA331

The updates are as follows –

– The aircraft landed halfway on the runway.


Director-General Oscar Derby of Jamaica’s Civil Aviation Authority says the plane landed at around the 4,000-foot mark of the rain-slicked runway in Kingston. He says the target for the Boeing 737-800 was within the first 1,500 feet of the 8,910-foot-long runwaySource:


– American Airlines pilots on the flight rejected an offer by controllers to land into the wind.


After the crew requested a landing approach, the controller advised them of tailwinds and offered a circling approach to land on the same runway in the opposite direction, the statement said. The crew repeated its request to land with the wind at the plane’s back, the authority said.

The tailwind was 14 knots, or about 16 miles per hour, when the plane wheels first touched the runway, the authority said.



There are still more details to be revealed to tell if there was pilot error or equipment error.