Ehud Barak will replace IDF’s Chief Rabbi Ronsky after his first term expires this year. Ronsky is a curious case of a rabbi who is morally conservative (anti-gay, strongly anti-Arab) but politically conformist (authorized soldiers not only to evict Jewish pioneers from their homes, but to do so on Shabbat).

Ronsky’s likely successors are even more conformist than him. Rabbi Rafi Peretz from Atzmona yeshiva instructed his students to participate in the Gush Katif eviction. The other two candidates are also rabbis on the government payroll. Ben-Artzi heads IDF’s Jewish Consciousness Department, whose job is to somehow reconcile halachic Judaism with the army’s defeatism. Another candidate is Shlomo Peretz, who heads the IDF’s kashrut department and is altogether removed from ideology.

The army has already created its own Jews by instituting a three-month conversion for non-Jews, and now it wants a pet chief rabbi.

Samson Blinded