Patrick Vaillancourt, 29-year old from Montreal (Canada), wants to break the world record by getting over 100,000 tattoos of web addresses all over his body – all for a good cause – charity. To put your web address or twitter/facebook profile on Patrick, you need to donate money to CARE Canada.


“I woke up one morning and just felt like taking up the challenge,” Vaillancourt said. “I’m not an athlete and I can’t run like a gazelle, but I do have the guts to get tattooed.”

“I want to break a Guinness World Record, but more importantly, I want to help others. And this is my way of doing so,” he said.

The web addresses will also be cross-listed on his campaign’s website,


Help me break a Guinness world record!

My goal: to get tattooed with 100,000 Internet addresses within a year. Where did I get this somewhat zany idea?

Many people have heard about Alex Tew, the man behind the highly successful His project was a great source of inspiration… And this is what prompted me to take the idea one step further.

Those who know me will agree that I’m a spontaneous guy, a man of real conviction and passion who’s not afraid of getting involved in unconventional projects. I want to break a Guinness world record and become the man with “the most Websites tattooed on his body.” But more importantly, I want to help others. That’s why I’m going to donate more than half the money raised through the project to the humanitarian organization CARE Canada.

You are thus invited to join me in breaking this new world record! Facebook and Twitter pages are also eligible. Just imagine having your Website on this page, across my back and in the Guinness book of world records!

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Do mizozo profiles qualify too? If yes, then I am willing to donate!