A 52 year old Michigan man walked into Bray’s Hamburgers with a 5 inch knife in his chest and ordered coffee while waiting for the ambulance to come. He had called 911 around 10 p.m. saying he had been attacked in Warren but then walked a mile to Bray’s Hamburgers in Hazel Park.

Man orders coffee witha knife in his chest


On a recording of the call, the man gives a vague description of his attacker before saying, “I’m gonna sit down at Bray’s ’cause they got a chair and it’s cold out here.”Source: www.myfoxdetroit.com


It seems that he had been walking north on Warner Avenue near Eight Mile Road when another man approached him and demanded cash. When he refused to give the mugger any cash, he was stabbed.


Restaurant employee George Mirdita said the man walked in, ordered a coffee and told him he was waiting for an ambulance to come.“It was like out of a movie,” Mirdita said. “It kind of freaked us all out here. The customers realized it and they were all turning their heads in disgust.”The man told police he was walking when another man approached him and demanded cash. When he refused to hand over any money, he was stabbed.Police said the man called 911 from a pay phone after failing to get help at a nearby apartment complex.


Source: www.koat.com

The man’s identity has not been revealed and is reported to be fine now.

I can imagine the shock that the people would have witnessed at the diner, might have looked like a prop from some movie.