Daniel Joe Zehm, 52-year old unemployed man from Idaho, was arrested Sunday after allegedly dousing his wife of 2-years, 58-year old Sondra Zehm, with gas and trying to light her on fire.


Kootenai County Sheriff’s deputies said Daniel Joe Zehm, 52, of Dalton Gardens, had an argument Saturday with his wife of two years, Sondra Zehm, 58, which ultimately ended in him trying to “incinerate” her.

According to sheriff’s reports, the argument began with Zehm told his wife how attractive a CNA at his mother’s assisted living place is.  At one point during the fight, Zehm pinned his wife down on their bed and allegedly threatened to kill her, her dog, and her entire family.

The next morning, Zehm allegedly drenched his wife with a bucket of gasoline while she had her back to him making coffee. Sondra told deputies her husband was flicking a lighter she’d given him as he moved toward her.

Source: www.ktvb.com


Zehm is facing attempted murder charges.