Parap Day Spa, in Darwin (Australia), was the victim of a PR stunt gone wrong after it released photographs of staff giving a crocodile a bikini wax and a pedicure.

BUSINESS manager Louanne Grasmeder knows how to grab attention in the Territory – give a crocodile a makeover.

She rented a saltie from Darwin’s crocodile research centre and zoo Crocodylus Park to encourage Territorians to visit her Parap Day Spa.

“Breeding season is just around the corner,” Louanne said, presumably referring to crocodiles.

“In the wet season, the male crocodiles are fighting it out over breeding sites and female crocodiles will be extremely territorial.”

So Louanne and her staff went to work – getting rid of the croc’s dead skin and giving her a pedicure.

“We want her to look her best for the breeding season,” she said.

Staffer Jamillah Allen said: “The lengths we go for great training.”



It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the PR campaign was a horrible one.

How about changing the Spa to a Animal Spa? Might just work!