A man, reported to be from Middle East, was arrested at a beach at Corpus Christi (Texas) for pulling a woman’s bikini top.


“He just randomly walked up to us and asked me if I wanted to have sex with him in the water,” said Antonia Rothrock.

Rothrock and her 9 year old sister say they were walking along the beach when a man with a thick accent approached them.

She says his English was shaky, but she claims his intentions were clear.

“He said something like, “Do you want to go swimming with me?” And I said no, we’re okay and I was getting my stuff to leave and then he was like, “Do you want to have sex with me in the water?” And I was like, “What? No,” she said.

Officers say earlier, the man had grabbed a woman he claims was taking his picture. During the struggle the man pulled the woman’s bikini top off and then ran.

Police eventually caught with the man but because the he speaks next to no English, they’re not sure how much of what they’ve heard is true.

Either way, the man was taken to jail for grabbing the other woman and pulling her top off.

He has been charged with assault because he reportedly grabbed a woman and pulled down her top.


Source: www.kristv.com